Ministers and their substitutes representing Belgium in the Council

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Belgium representatives

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Representative Function
LAMBERTZ Karl-Heinz Minister President, Minister for Local Authorities (German-speaking Community)
PAASCH Olivier Minister for Education, Training and Employment (German-speaking Community)
WEYKMANS Isabelle Minister for Culture, the Media and Tourism (German-speaking Community)
MOLLERS Harald Minister for the Family, Health and Social Affairs (German-speaking Community)
DEMOTTE Rudy Minister President
NOLLET Jean-Marc Vice-President and Minister for Children, Research and the Civil Service
ANTOINE André Vice-President and Minister for the Budget, Finance and Sport
MARCOURT Jean-Claude Vice-President and Minister for Higher Education
HUYTEBROECK Evelyne Minister for Youth
LAANAN Fadila Minister for Culture, the Audiovisual Sector, Health and Equal Opportunities
SIMONET Marie-Dominique Minister for Compulsory Education and Social Advancement
VERVOORT Rudi Minister-President with responsibility for Local Authorities, Urban Development, and Monuments and Sites
VANHENGEL Guy Minister with responsibility for Finance, the Budget and External Relations
HUYTEBROECK Evelyne Minister with responsibility for the Environment, Energy, Water Policy and Urban Regeneration
GROUWELS Brigitte Minister with responsibility for Public Works, Transport, the Port of Brussels and Information Technology
FREMAULT Céline Minister with responsibility for Employment, Economic Affairs, Foreign Trade and Scientific Research
MADRANE Rachid State Secretary with responsibility for Town Planning, Waste Collection and Treatment, and Public Hygiene
DE LILLE Bruno State Secretary with responsibility for Mobility, Equal Opportunities Policy, the Civil Service and Administrative Simplification
DOULKERIDIS Christos State Secretary with responsibility for Housing, Fire Prevention and Emergency Medical Aid